Wednesday, March 18, 2009

快樂 ;D

guess what?
I made it to the gathering!

am I pro or AM I PRO???

asked Ms Valerie whether can change time or not,
and she said yes!
but then got a bit bu shuang me larh =(
but lalala~
at least I made it right? =p

no pics from my phone today~
lazy take,.. cause my hair was a big mess
so I'll just upload them pics after I 'steal' them from the others

Mr HH~
left for Kuching just now..
must come back more often ohh =)

oh yea..
I was late for class just now LOL!
thank goodness Ms Valerie didn't strangle me =O
she's pretty

ai renn arh..
fast fast upload photos worr..
that you wear sunglass de I also wan =p
and dear you also!!!

to those sakaiis who went fishing just now,
**just in case anyone was wondering,
no, I didn't typed anything wrong there, ladies and gentlemen,
ah pek and ah ma.
or whoever reads my blog, LOL!**
got a sakai actually went FISHING! =="
I mean seriously..
Miri got place to fish meh?!??!?!?!

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