Sunday, March 1, 2009


sorry bout my last post :((
was too emotional I guess..
but no biggyyy I'm happy once again ^^

just wanna make another post,
a happier one (I hope?) compared to my last post..
since I might.. [just might!!]
not be updating as frequently anymore..
cause school's starting tomorrow...

ohh the horror!!!!
I am so not ready *weeps*

and from what I saw online, the timetable of this week's orientation is like..
everyday till at least 5pm?
omg.. I'm going to check it again later.. please larh..
I hate staying back at school okayy!!!
I want a school just have lesson 2 hours a day then go home!! LOL!!

okayy talk bout what happened today better :D
piano playing during youth mass was a disaster.
played too fast,
so like.. not in the same speed as the choir..
but saw Mr Pie there lols..
and I was late again ._.
all those mean people outside church keep cutting my queue till I find one freaking parking also need 30minutes =="
and and.
I want to thank also an uncle who was so kind to assist me in my parking !! ^^
*I almost hit the car parking beside me*

went to Imperial to find my gan jie after mass.
then we drove to Parkson..
wanna eat McDo~ =D
find find parking.. then when finally found one,
it rained soooooo heavily that we both shouted in the car.
so left Parkson loh
head back to Imperial park underground so that won't have to touch rain.

once again, parking suxx..
haha.. parked 2 spots.. but who cares lah we damn hungry already!
went BLue Cafe eat~
saw Chia Wee them there hahas..
then even more shocking was,
saw Kri Laopo and Doris dear there LOL!!
I was like.. wth?!
turns out they were working there that day ._.
never tell me sia *sobbies*

anyways, chatted together larh..
jie so good, chia me eat..
but I also bu hao yi shi lah..
like when I paying the girl said,
ohh that already paid .__.

and and,
after makan I went downstairs to hang out with laopo and dear at Xpax there LOL!!
not bad bahh them sell okok bahh hahas..
I even bought a new number!! :D
and I luv it so muchhieeee wakakaka
[[omg I'm even talking like Doris now =="]]

muahaha I luvv it and dun care what my chou pig jie say,
what kns number!! CHEH!! :DDD

okkayy so hanging out shiok shiok there,
then mum suddenly message ask me can pick bros or not,
330pm from tuition..
of course I said okayy luhh.
dun dare let her know I play till so long..
so I quick quick,
went lvl4 (so high T_T) find jie,
then say goodbye then went downstairs get my *new* num from dear and laopo,
then rush!!

went basement get car.
then hor.. this time miraculously I didn't go up the side thing while paying the ticket LOL!
and and!!
I actually thought I didn't have enough money..
cause after everything I spent today, left rm3 only. =/
so.. start to ginteo liaos.. hahass.
so my rm10, which folded into heart shape de, I took it out just in case =="
talk bout despo ZZZZ!!!
next time need put some extra $$ inside car.. haha

but yuan lai only rm1 the fee
so went to pick bros..
late 15minutes already...
so I just rasuah them.
gave them my last rm2 to buy things..
*pro or not ;D*
so like that everyone happy ~ ^o^

okayy finally arrive home sweet home~
dad wasn't that happy with me arriving so late, but he didn't say anything so I also dun go disturb him hahaha..!!
so after that wash car with bros~
wash Raven also..
then then.. played Monopoly after bath LOL!!!

ok larh that's all that happened today.. =p
need to be ready for tomorrow T_T
and and.. well,
at least I successfully dragged persuaded Tze Jing into following my car tomorrow so that I won't be the only lost sheep !!! ;D


so.. I guess I can do it? =(
I hope. =="
just hope nothing bad happens tomorrow bahh..
clean car, old pencil case filled with blue pens ( I TERbuy lol ._.),
handsome NOT guy with me in the car, my pretty self LOL!! and and..
well.. nothing liaos I guess.. hahaha ^^
should be okayy bahh..
if anything happens at least it'll happen to TzeJing too!!

gratz babe~!!!

I am still not forgetting :((
but I don't feel like telling anyone bout how I feel anymore..
cause I know they also feel very fan bahh hear me talk bout him..
I can't move on..
stupid me..
feel like msging you..
but what's the point in doing that?
you'll probably just reply..
suan le.


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