Tuesday, March 17, 2009


what can I say..
I was so tired today...
don't know why..
slept in both lectures today.. =(
die liao lah..
not that staying awake would have made any difference! ._.

I'm that hopeless!!!


kinda sad now..
pissed too
so many feelings inside my head
angry bout the change in the timetable..
sucks lah.
like shit nia..
have to wait so long between classes..
then by the end of the day already half awake.
how do everyone else manage to stay awake?!
share the secret with me lah !

cause can't join the others tomorrow..
sien lah!!
I'm always left out..
because of this shitty school..
should have just chosen Form 6..

stupid schedule..

missing you...
so long didn't message you ler..
wonder how is it possible I'm still alive and breathing..
feel like breaking down and cry my heart out..
but I don't want to..
and I won't let myself do so...
because you won't care.

I'm such a fool,
to still be... thinking about you..

it's been so long...
yet I still miss you.
I'm hilariously stupid!!!

I wish that I can just get amnesia or something
at least that way,
I can move on.

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