Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dream.. like you've never dreamed before

wanted to blog last night..
but I'm kinda grateful I didn't
if not my blog would be all about vulgars again ._.

yesterday I had a rough time ...
1stly cause I didn't quite understand the Physics I lecture :(
so kinda depressed =="
on the way back kept thinking bout writing bout it in my blog..
and wooo~
all those vulgars.. LOL!

anyways, I realised I'm not using as much vulgar as I used to !!
I am trying okayy!!
well, mostly cause whenever I say a bad word,
I'll immediately be reminded of a certain someone who once told me,
girls should not say bad words etc etc~
and guess what:

I can't believe I'm actually listening to him =="

but I still have a long long way to go!

today was so much better than yesterday!
1stly, I kinda understand what the teacher was saying..
excluding engineering maths where I was struggling just to stay awake ==
omg.. 4.30-6.30..
damn tired how you expect me to concentrate??

and I just feel so soi..
2 of my classes today..
the lecturers all remembered my name leh T_T
so sad..
eng. maths so cham..
the lecturer was scanning the name list to ask someone a question..
and oh so lucky it just had to be me

anyways, met Michele in the cafeteria just now.
she looks so adorable.. haha
dunno why it seems like she shrinked or something..
become so small size ler.. =p
but hor..

I'm still undecided whether to believe her when she told me that Foundation year is considered as 'Honeymoon' year
cause seems like very hard luhhh
everyday need to online to check whether there's any change in the timetable

then also. need to read all the lecture notes for the next day T_T
uni life is so hard.. :(

but guess what!!

I'm coping with it ;D
1st time so filled with spirit and confidence with myself
zzzz !!

k larh..
guess that's all from me =)

SPM results comes out tomorrow!!
too bad I won't be able to see mine
cause studying whole day tomorrow!!

good luck to everyone~ ^^
all the best!!!

and remember,
impossible is nothing.
as long as you believe, then you can achieve it!

Dreams are like stars, you may never touch them,
but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny. !

I just had to put this pic..
ain't Beckham hot?!?!?!
*drowns in my own drool*

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