Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm not okay

ji bai..
feel like shit

just because I went out the whole day,
and when you arrive home I'm in front of the com,
then you keep on scolding me,
say what I never do anything.
never do this never do that.

just because you don't know, doesn't mean I didn't do anything.
who was the one who washed the dishes this morning?
or the one who brought the dirty clothes downstairs?
or the one who brought all the clothes inside??

you weren't at home..
so obviously you didn't know..
I doubt you even care!

how dare you...
tell me that my brother mopped the floor just now..
then accuse me of not doing anything.

how could you?

maybe Susan's right after all..
I get straight A's, you don't give a fuck.
but if my brother did,
you probably would give him 20million bucks.

fuck you.

sorry Terry wanted to update but shit happened.

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